Hair is one of those most sensitive parts of the human body, usually whatever you should on your body get reflecting through your hair but people are not aware of it. Like when you are treating your hair badly you will be witnessing the hair losses and more to that when you are using the harsh chemicals on your skin or body it will indicate you through the hair loss.

In this case, you are thinking that your hair never influenced by the surrounding environment in which you are living get to know the most common and factual truth the big city affects your hair very badly. If you are supposed to thinking about how it is possible to look for the below content which explains you to it.


No matter educated or uneducated, everyone knows that pollution level is comparatively higher when the city was compared to those villages. It is a truth; the main reason for why the pollution level of the city is high is due to the population and vehicle crowd. Until a few years back only 10 in 1 have vehicles but now because of their living style and to avoid those public transportation irritations most of them owning it.

These vehicles become the most important reason for pollution. But not only the vehicle the chemical industries are one of those reasons for air pollution. In this case, when you are out your hair gets those polluted particles and that leads to hair losses.

pollution level

UV lights

Next comes the UV light, it is a light comes through the sunlight. When it comes to environmental hair damage this UV light plays a very important role. These UV lights disturb the lipids and protein blocks of the hair through forming the free radicals, they are the building block of hair when it gets disturbed, and most frequently you can witness effective hair loss.

Wind and weather

When the hair is getting exposed to the continuous wind the hair strands get damaged so easily and they can easily get tangled. So while you are styling your hair these tangles may lead to hair losses. Not only the wind, but the climatic change also influences the hair loss, along with this sometimes these changes also cause dandruff and split ends. Therefore, you have to understand the connection between urban living and hair by this you can safeguard your hair from damaged.