Having long or short hair is not going to be matter, the way you are styling them going to make you shine in between the crowd. As most people think styling long hair is not that difficult task to accomplish. The only thing you want while styling your long hair is little involvement and concentration especially when you are looking to have the braid hairstyles. At the same time if you have long hair that does not mean it requires so much time to style them and to help you more here are some of the five-minute hairstyles for a long hair look at them.

Accessorized updo

Usually, girls like to have the updo hairstyles because now only for the reason it is easy to wear them but also it makes them look super cool with all kinds of outfits. Better to have ordinary updos you can make them look a little cuter with the help of hair accessories like designer clips.

Top-notch ponytail

The ponytail is one of those favorite hairstyles of girls here when you have long hair you can have top notch ponytail that makes you look stylish. Some people having the thought that long hair does not look good on a ponytail but it is not true. Like how short hair looks good on a ponytail long hair also does. This is one among those long hair quick hairstyles.

accessorized updo

French braid

The French braid is a super cute hairstyle of girls, for beginners, it may take time to complete the braids. But for the people who used to wear the braids more often it only takes 1 or 2 minutes to wear them. To give additional cuteness to this hairstyle you can make use of some of the bobby pins or designer clips.

Side braids

Not all time the loose hair and ponytail make you feel good, sometimes the braids make you feel amazing and give you a stunning look. In that case, the sided braid goes well with both formal and casual outfits. But to give them a good touch make your braids clear.

Messy bun

The long hair updos usually look good but you need not always stay perfect you can try something different from those usual hairstyles. Here comes the messy bun, if you want you can combine the side braids with the messy bun that gives additional cuteness to the overall hairstyle.


The fishtail is another amazing hairstyle for long hair people, when you look from the outside it might make you feel complicated but so simple when you know to wear the braids.

Twisted updos

Usually, the long hair goes ultimately with the updos. In this case, the twisted updos make you look unique and you can use bobby pins to give additional attractions.