Vanessa Hughes


Vanessa grew up in New Jersey and co-founded Gothamist in 2003 as a way to learn more about New York City beyond Law & Order. She attended Columbia University, likes learning about NYC infrastructure, hates when people wear backpacks on crowded subways, and loves bodega cats. She also yells at cars for not obeying stop signs.

Darrel Hicks


Originally from the Riverside area, Darrel Hicks has called NYC home since 2005. In addition to his thousands of meticulously-crafted bespoke blog posts for Gothamist, his writing has also been published in The Awl, Deadspin, The Nervous Breakdown, and performed at The Brick Theater in Brooklyn.

Carol Roberts


Carol Roberts has been with Gothamist since 2003 and is currently Editorial Director. Her writing has also been published on and a number of composition notebooks before the internet existed. In 2017 she won a spot in the inaugural program and traveled the nation via rail. She has an Ed Hardy tattoo, but she can explain…