Generally, people who are living in the city will have so many health related and hair issues, it is very common. Those cities are highly polluted with the increasing crowd, in this case, if you want to treat them you should have little awareness about the things that are happening around.

The most important thing is not to keep trust in the advertisements because those advertisements products can never help you in treating your health or your hair. For girls, hair loss will be a common issue. It should be treated in its starting stage or else you will be binding up with baldness over the scalp or increased hair loss as a result.

Here are some of the steps to protect your hair from a fast-paced city lifestyle;


No matter it is a city or village, hair cleanliness is the first thing that you have to get concentrate on. Because when your scalp is not clean that is it is filled with dirt and sweats that are enough to damage your hair. So try to keep your scalp all-time clean by this you can avoid your hair getting damaged.

Albumin treatment

Everyone knows that the egg is rich in vitamins and other essential nutrients but do you know that egg can make wonder on your hair, if not then try them once. You can make use of the entire egg, but when you are having the split ends, hair dryness then albumin will be the great option. Take the albumin content of the egg, beat them, and apply it directly over your hair then allow it for 10-15 minutes and rinse them with mild water.


Not hot water

Usually, experts and hair stylists ask you to wash your hair with hot water because hot water can help your hair by opening the cuticle. By this the dirt and sweat accumulation of the hair gets removed but remember when your hair cuticle remains open for a long time then all those essential oils get evaporated. In this case, you can wash them but while completing the hair bath you have to complete them with few cups of cold water so that the cuticle gets closed by this you can prevent your hair from getting dry and brittle.

Prefer natural products

Even though you are in the city there are no restrictions to use only artificial hair care products so just look for natural hair care products. Through this, you can avoid your hair from getting damaged and able to encourage growth. This is one of those expert city hair care tips for youngsters.