New York is a popular city which is located in America and this city is also said to be the city of fashion. When you are planning to visit New York for the first time then you have to prepare for your trip schedule. Because this is not that small city they are one of the greatest cities in all around the world. In this case, without a proper schedule, you cannot visit all those tourist spots in between your trip. To help you here are the top places in New York you must see is listed below look at them.

Statue of liberty

As everyone knows the statue of liberty is gifted by France to America and this is the statue that symbolizes freedom. They are the world’s largest statue to stand, so when you visit New York don’t miss the chance of witnessing this largest status in the world because they are one of the interesting places in New York to visit.


Every civilization has different cultures and histories in that case while visiting New York explore the famous museums of the world in the US.

Central park

In most Hollywood movies you can see this New York central park, which is a huge park which is located in the center of the city. When you love nature this spot going to give you a great experience.

central park

Rockefeller center

Everyone likes shopping especially when you are in cities like New York the shopping experience will be a little different. So if you have a plan to make shopping then this center going to help you. They are located in the middle of Manhattan so transportation will be easier.


Broadway is a popular spot in New York City and this spot has is contained with many places to see. This district is said to be a theater district so if you are interested in shows never miss them.

Empire building

The empire building is one of those tourist landmarks of New York City. The best thing about this building is they are the tallest so you can see them up to 80 miles from New York.

High line

Formerly it was a rail line but now it has been renovated as an urban walking trail over the city streets. Here you can see a variety of plants and trees which cannot see any other places.

Brooklyn Bridge

They are the historic bridge and placed in so many poems. This bridge will be the best place to admire the beauty of Manhattan, the Statue of liberty, and the east river.

Time square

Here you can see very big screens displaying something all time. This is the place to visit in the evening times; it is also exciting to visit in a day.

Fifth Street

Every city has its famous shopping streets, in New York; Fifth Street is famous for shopping. Here you can find all kinds of things that you want.