Every state or every city will have their things and they are famous for that place. In this case, when you are visiting new places you should get to know those special places to visit so that you will be getting a chance of witnessing those attractive places. Especially when you have a plan to visit a city like New York you should have to know of them, not only the place also those interesting facts about the city. To help you here a few of the interesting facts about New York City is shared in the below content;

Interesting facts about New York

Do you know that walking topless on the streets of New York is legal; it surprises you with no doubt. In fact, in the year 2018 there held a parade called the go topless day parade. Here most of the young women are taking part.


Now pizza is famous all over the world this is a favorite food item for most people. Due to the demand among the public, the price of the pizzas has increased between each particular interval. But the most interesting fact about the pizza is the price of pizza remains pretty the same over 50 years this may make you think impossible but this is true.

If you are a bookworm then this particular fact going to impress you, the public library of New York has contained 50 million books. These books include all kinds of books, from storybooks to scientific books. So when you are visiting New York never miss the chance of visiting it.

Generally inside the country, the people make use of several languages and the most interesting thing about New York is they are speaking more than 800 languages. Around 37% of the New York citizens arrive from another country as per the record.

New York City

The Brooklyn Bridge is world-famous; this bridge is older than that of Tower Bridge in London. The Brooklyn Bridge is one of those things New York is known for.

Everyone knows that the living cost of New York is very high in this case, when you are thinking about moving into Manhattan of New York then get to know one bedroom average rent is about 3400 USD.

Federal Reserve Bank is popular worldwide and this is the bank which has the largest gold storage in the world, most of the people even have an idea about it.