Other than styling, girls in warmer countries like African prefer hairstyles that are more comfortable and last longer. Most Africans using the tropical climatic conditions over there opt for braided hairstyles. There are various sorts of hairstyles which last longer. But which are the most popular braids? You will find them right below.

Braid Styles that Last the Longest

Box braid

This hairstyle is less subject to the heat of the sun and pollution as almost all the single strands of hair are wrapped inside which makes them less susceptible to exploitation. It stands pretty decent in the braid style’s lifespan. As it stays for longer hours which is a requirement for those who are into traveling or working for longer hours in the office. However, it is time-consuming but it prevents your hair from being scraped ruthlessly against your garment fabrics or tangling up.

braided hairstyles

French braid

It’s one of the most popular braids which adds a feminine and classic style of braid not only followed by the Africans but also by the Asians to a great extent. It gives one a very casual look. This single style can be altered into different ones like ending it up into a fishtail or half up half down style. This style goes with every mood, may it be a professional casual mood or wedding festive mood, French braid style is not very time taking also. And follows very simple steps to form.

Braided ponytail

If one is looking for a new look to the braided hairstyle, then nothing can be more casual cum formal than the braided ponytail. This hairstyle also needs braided strands to be pulled high up into a topknot ponytail. It would add more glamour to your strands if your accessories braided strands with some chunks. It goes best with a square, heart round-shaped face. This type of hairstyle makes your face look longer and accentuates your eye’s shape and brows. This style is perfect for a non-tiring long-lasting stay-at-place hairstyle.

braided hairstyles

Fishtail braid

This hairstyle looks perfect on either the short length or long length. It follows the same technique of braiding as that of the French braid. You can start your French braid from any part of your hair. It gives a very neat and clear look with not a single strand standing out.

One can opt for any type of hairstyle with their braids. The simple braid itself lasts for long hours and on top of that converting them into the updo or ponytail would increase the braid style lifespan maybe to a day or two.