In New York, there are so many places to give a visit to when you are going there. One of those amazing and unforgettable places to visit in New York is Manhattan. Manhattan is the most famous and important city of New York this is a place that includes the world’s important cultural, commercial, and financial centers.

Remember this is a city of New York then think the overall development; they are the site, which includes the famous skyscrapers like empire building and central park. So once, you have planning to reach New York before arriving you should make a complete study on Manhattan and should get to know the Manhattan is known for by this your trip will be worthier.


Manhattan is located in New York and they are the densely populated city of New York. They are called an island because it is surrounded by the rivers like Hudson, East, and Harlem rivers. This Manhattan is the home for famous skyscrapers like the empire building and this is the place where the theatres of Broadway and Times Square are there. So when it is the first time for you to visit New York never miss the chance to visit Manhattan, one of the hotspots of New York City. Even though they are an island, in the land area it occupies 22.83 square miles.

Here are the places for which the famous Manhattan is speakable around the world;

Statue of liberty

The world’s most famous statue of liberty is located in Manhattan then how you could miss the chance of witnessing them. This is the statue that symbolizes freedom and it was gifted by France to America just because to establish peace between those two countries.

financial centers

Central park

Next to the statue of liberty, central park is the most attractive and famous place in Manhattan. In the size they are bigger and where you can witness so many peculiar things which make you feel surprised. The best thing about is, if you are a nature lover then you going to love Manhattan for this park.

Manhattan zoo

The Manhattan zoo is famous place. Here you get a chance to witness most of the endangered species around the world. Other than this you can find so many varieties of birds and if you are an animal lover you will be just going to enjoy it.