Even though there are hundreds of hairstyles to have, girls usually like those updo hairstyles most. Because this makes them feel comfortable with whatever they do. But interest is not only important to have ultra-cute updo hairstyles more than that you should get to know how to have and what kind of updos you can have to make your look cute. In this case to help you on getting the cute updos here are some of the updo ideas for short hair which you can have a try.

bouffantMessy bun

Not every time you want to be seen to look perfect, sometimes with a messy look, you can have a unique cute appearance. To wear the messy bun, put the braids over the front part of your head and wear them like side parting to the other side. Now collect all those hairs combined and wear the bun at the backside of your head. The updos have not had the rule that it should above the head, it can also be there on the backside of your hair.


Having the bouffant is so easy and it is time friendly too but makes you look stunning. To wear them collect the hair through combing them evenly at the back and then wear the updo like as usual you have and pin them with kinds of bobby pins or other accessorized hair clips. This hairstyle goes ultimate on any kinds of outfits that are on both formal and casual outfits.

Side braided with bun

One of the best short hair up styles is side braided with bun, wearing this hairstyle not at all require you to put effort. First, wear the braids that come in the side and then put the bun and if needed you can use bobby pins to hold your hair.