Lemon is a citrus fruit and everyone knows that they are rich in vitamins and anti-oxidant properties. The lemon is not only used in food as flavoring agents more than they securing a special place in hair and skin care treatments.

This fruit contains citric acid, which can offer so many benefits in providing a natural glow to your face and hair. Generally, experts suggest people try lime juice for hair growth but there is a debate on the topic because they are acid content so some people are afraid of it. Taking up the lemon juices for skin and hair care is complete upon your decision but to give some information about it some of the pros and cons of using the lemon juices are listed below;

Pros of lime juice for hair

Most of the kitchen natural ingredients are used in both skin and hair care because of their properties and most importantly these natural ingredients don’t carry any of the side effects. One among that is lime juice and their benefits of using are below;

Hair lightening

These days, people want to keep their hair shinier, it is a most common fact and in this case they are investing more money on the artificial products which can help them in lightening of hair. But believe this lime juice can do it for you within petty of money. To have the hair lightening you need not spend so much money just buy them, squeeze their juice and straightly apply it to your hair. Let them be there for few minutes and wash them. Then you can witness the magic of that lime juice done on your hair.


Dandruff and other hair issues

One of those common hair issues is dandruff, with the help of lime juice you can say goodbye to dandruff. The acidic content of the lime helps you in resolving that dandruff. The best part is they can also cure other hair ailments just like that.

Cons of using lime juice

When there are pros surely anything will be contained with the cons but through using the lime juice you will be getting so many benefits and fewer cons and that is too rarely. Using the lime juice frequently in your hair may lead to hair dryness and split ends. Through knowing the Pros and Cons of lime juice for hair, you can able to keep the cons out of you.