Filtered Coffee's Co-Founder Karen dishes about her cafes, favorite hotspots & more!

How long have you lived uptown?
Over ten years.

How did you get into the coffee business?
I was an impoverished art historia turned real estate broker turned coffee shop entrepreneur. 

Why do you love coffee?
It all started with a coffee-flavored fribble around age five from my grandfather.

When did you open your first cafe?
I opened The Chipped Cup in 2012 as an oasis from the hustle and bustle of Broadway.

And where did you fall in love?
At my second cafe, Double Dutch, where I met my husband - a construction guy, covered in paint from head to toe, who offered me chocolate covered almonds.  It was love at first sight.

What's your favorite date night spot?
After we tuck in the kids, we love to head to 67 Orange in Harlem.

And how about a night cap?
That's easy! Try The Boy Who Cried Wolf at our craft bar Mess Hall in Harlem :-)

Where do you love to take the kids in the morning?
We love brunch at Indian Road Cafe in Inwood followed by a stroll in Fort Tryon Park.

If you could bump into any celebrity uptown, who would it be?
John Oliver.

Jay Solomon